Cigars from the land of volcanoes

From Cuba to Nicaragua

It is said that the flight of Cuban tobacco farmers during the revolution in 1960 led to them importing their knowledge, talent and inimitable, masterful art from Cuba to Nicaragua.

Coupled with Nicaragua's nutrient-rich volcanic soils, the once Cuban tobacco farmers have succeeded in establishing Nicaragua as one of the world's premium exporters of cigars.

Many experts speak of the inimitable taste and masterful workmanship of the cigars. For this reason, cigars from Nicaragua are sometimes referred to as Cuban cigars.

From tradition to innovation

4 reasons why cigars from Nicaragua are the new favorites

Cigar lovers around the world swear by the incomparable quality and unique taste of cigars from Nicaragua. While Cuba has traditionally been considered the epicenter of cigar production, Nicaragua has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent decades and has established itself as a serious contender. There are several reasons why many connoisseurs argue that cigars from Nicaragua are even better than their Cuban counterparts.

1. perfect conditions

Firstly, the climate and soil in Nicaragua are particularly suitable for growing tobacco. The volcanic soils provide a rich source of nutrients that give the tobacco plants a unique fullness of flavor. The combination of rich soil, sunshine and the right amount of moisture creates ideal conditions for high-quality tobacco, which gives Nicaraguan cigars their characteristic taste.

2. A long tradition

Secondly, Nicaragua has a long tradition of tobacco production dating back to pre-Columbian times. This experience and the know-how passed down through generations have helped Nicaragua's cigar makers to develop a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. Not only have they perfected the techniques of cigar making, but they have also introduced innovative methods to create new aromas and flavor profiles that capture the imagination of even the most experienced smoker.

3. diverse blends

Thirdly, cigars from Nicaragua offer a wide variety of flavors and styles that cater to every palate. From spicy and robust to creamy and mild, there are cigars made in Nicaragua that can satisfy every taste. This variety is partly due to the different types of tobacco grown in Nicaragua, as well as the creative approach cigar makers take to blending and maturing their tobacco.4. vive la renaissance

It should also be noted that Nicaragua has experienced a renaissance in the cigar industry in recent years. Many well-known Cuban cigar manufacturers have expanded their production to Nicaragua or even relocated there completely in order to benefit from the resources and experience available there. This has contributed to Nicaragua being recognized as a leading producer of premium cigars.


Overall, cigars from Nicaragua offer a compelling alternative to traditional Cuban cigars. Their unique flavor profiles, shaped by the special climatic conditions and the centuries of experience of the cigar makers, make them a preferred choice for discerning smokers around the world.