1000 SOLDIERS (241939)

1000 SOLDIERS (241939)

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The "1000 soldiers" collection is a tribute to the terracotta army discovered in Xi'an in 1975. The original army consisted of around 8,000 clay figures, all uniquely crafted to guard China's first emperor QIN Shi Huang in the afterlife.

With impressive mastery, the base sculpture, cast in bronze and patinated by hand, pays homage to the original by ensuring that each soldier is unique - no two soldiers have the same face, armor or stance. Both the writing instrument and the lighter are made of gold-plated bronze and feature intricate details in the design.

Crafted from bronze and covered in patina, the 1,000 Soldiers base features soldiers and horses in different styles, recalling the famous sight and the stories behind it.

The Line 2 lighter and writing instrument are both made of yellow gold-plated bronze and feature decorations that pay tribute to ancient Chinese aesthetics."

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