DRAGON (241649)
DRAGON (241649)
DRAGON (241649)
DRAGON (241649)

DRAGON (241649)

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The dragon is a legendary creature in Asian and especially Chinese culture, mythology and folklore Its body has a snake-like shapeSide four short legs with sharp clawsRed for luck, joy and its evil-fighting properties, gold for longevity and prosperity for years to come A combination, designed withPrediction as its most important centerpieceAdd to that the power of a dragon, the power of the dragon, the wealth associated with the number 8 and the prospect of fire - and there you have it, The power of the dragon, the power of the dragon, the wealth of the number 8 and the prospect of fire - and there you have it, the recipe for an unbeatable lucky charm that will always be by your side. Whether in the office, in a cupboard or even in a safe, the intricate details and fine workmanship will leave any onlooker in aweThe mighty dragon glides casually through the air as it carefully watches over your precious possessions.

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